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Adaptation with MCCIP Marine Climate Smart Working

Understanding, communicating and celebrating marine adaptation work in the UK

Climate change is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events in the UK, such as floods and heat waves, and businesses and organisations are already responding to the challenges that climate change presents.

To share knowledge, experiences and achievements, and in order to promote appropriate responses, MCCIP launched Climate Smart Working in 2012. This aims to bridge the gap between our knowledge of marine and coastal climate change impacts and the capacity of organisations to respond.

A general overview of Climate Smart Working is provided in the downloadable thumbnail to the right.

As a first stage in this process, we drew together examples of adaptation, ranging from the global to local scale, to help share best practice amongst the marine and coastal stakeholder community. The link below provides a useful first port of call for organisations wanting to understand how others are approaching adaptation

Examples of adaptation for marine and coastal stakeholders


Since 2012, we have undertaken collaborative climate change adaptation projects with a number of trade associations:


British marine (for the marine leisure industry) 


Seafish (for wild capture fisheries)

If you work within the a key marine and coastal sector and you would be interested in collaborating with MCCIP on Marine Climate Smart Working, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to


Click here for more information on MCCIP Marine Climate Smart Working