Collaborative work on the UK wild capture seafood industry

MCCIP has supported Seafish in producing their recent report on "climate change adaptation in UK seafood: Understanding and responding to climate change in the UK wild capture seafood industry". 

This process has involved:

  • Reviewing projected climate change impacts with implications for seafood, and
  • Identifying relevant seafood industry adaptation responses (for industry bodies to take forward)

Working with industry and external consultancy expertise in socio-economic impacts (Stewart Brown Associates), climate change risks to both domestic and international sources of wild capture fisheries [of importance to the UK seafood industry] were explored and adaptation responses identified. 

There are a number of outputs, which are as follows:

  1. Full technical report
  2. 16-page summary report   

You can access the Seafish press release, along with the detailed risk assessment annexes (for both domestic and international capture here).