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Further details

What is MCCIP?

MCCIP is a partnership between scientists, government, its agencies and NGOs. The principal aim is to develop a long-term multidisciplinary approach to understanding and communicating the implications of climate change in our seas.

Sponsoring partners are: Countryside Council for Wales, Defra, Dept. of the Environment Northern Ireland, Environment Agency, Natural England, RSPB, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage, States of Guernsey, States of Jersey, Welsh Assembly Government, WWF. (More partners welcomed.)

Quality Assured Science

The MCCIP Steering Group (SG) consists of the sponsoring partners together with scientific experts from SAHFOS, Climatic Research Unit (CRU), MECN, FRS, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) 'RAPID' programme and Cefas.

The SG commissioned the contributing scientists and appointed an 'Expert Advisory Panel' who peer-reviewed the quality of the science in the ARC.

What's new for 2008

The next set of UKCIPThe UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) provides scenarios that show how our climate might change and co-ordinates research on dealing with our future climate. climate scenarios (UKCIP08UKIP08 is the next climate change information package for the UK, consisting of five reports and an interactive website. The project brings together climate science from the Met Office to provide information to decision makers, academics and others, on the current climate, and possible future changes. Its interactive website will provide customisable climate change projections when it is launched in late 2008.) will be published in 2008 and MCCIP will have a key role to play in the marine scenarios report.