The United Kingdom Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) brings together scientists, government, its agencies and NGOs to provide co-ordinated advice on climate change impacts around our coast and in our seas.
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MCCIP synthesises broad based evidence on how climate change is affecting our coast and seas and its impacts on:

  • marine ecosystems;
  • cleanliness and safety;
  • commercial activities.

See our annual report card and special topic report cards for more details.

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MCCIP 2015 Special Report Card: Implications for the implementation of marine biodiversity legislation

Other recent MCCIP work: Adaptation in the UK seafood industry

Seafish, the trade association for the UK seafood industry, are the second industry sector to engage with the MCCIP Marine Climate Smart Working programme.


The "Climate change and the UK marine leisure industry - Adapting to a changing world" Seafish technical report and summary card were released in early December 2015.

Did you know?

The next MCCIP Report Card will celebrate ten years of MCCIP reporting, looking back at how our understanding of marine climate change impacts has changed over time and seeing what lessons this provides us for the future.

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