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MSPACE: Marine Spatial Planning Addressing Climate Effects

MCCIP is supporting the UKRI SMMR MSPACE programme by communicating how their climate models can help deliver climate resilient plans for the marine conservation, fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

Climate change is a pressing issue for marine management which aims to implement robust but flexible strategies that can accommodate climate-driven changes and pressures on marine ecosystems and their natural capital. The SMMR MSPACE programme is designed to drive forward the capability of the four UK nations in designing and implementing climate-smart marine spatial plans. MSPACE climate projections identify where, and for how long, the marine conservation, fisheries and aquaculture sectors could be best supported across UK seas to deliver climate-smart marine spatial planning. 

In the first phase of the MSPACE programme, a technical report, summary for policy makers and infographic provide different entry points for anyone with an interest in climate smart marine spatial planning. The technical report is supported by detailed information on datasets, their validation and resource extraction and disturbance of the seabed. View the infographic here, which illustrates the projected impacts of climate change on the marine conservation, fisheries, and aquaculture sectors in the UK Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The summary for policy makers and the technical report will follow shortly.

MSPACE phase two is now working with the policy and industry communities across the UK Nations, exploring the social and economic viability of actioning the climate-smart recommendations from phase one.