MCCIP has successfully engaged with a range of end-user communities

MCCIP has successfully engaged with a range of end-user communities, including industry trade associations and conservation agencies to collectively assess risks, and identify solutions to marine climate change impacts in the UK.

MCCIP collaborated with leading experts from academia and nature conservation agencies to produce a series of cards on managing protected species and habitats in the face of climate change, based on 7 case study features.
MCCIP and Seafish have produced a detailed assessment, and summary card, on understanding and responding to climate change in the UK wild capture seafood industry.
Developed in consultation with single and multi-site operators of boatyards, marinas and support service providers, this card acts as a step-by-step guide to the risks and opportunities presented by climate change impacts, and potential adaptation responses.

An increased focus on adaptation and mitigation is a key aim of the Phase IV business plan. This will principally be achieved through the development of co-funded marine climate smart activities, building on previous collaborations with end users.