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The United Kingdom Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) would like to thank a number of contributors who supported the development of the overseas content.

Project steering group

Matt Frost (Chair, Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom), Charlotte Clarke, Charlotte Jessop, Ella Howes, Susana Lincoln, Paul Buckley, Paul Whomersley (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science), Kedell Worboys (United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association), Kylie Bamford (Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office), Laura Harland, Tarquin Dorrington, Jess Dark (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), Jonathon Hall (RSPB International) Christina Hebron, Laura Petit, Maddy Long (Joint Nature Conservation Committee), Joanna Stockill, Emily Hardman (Marine Management Organisation).  

Regional working groups (inc. workshop attendees)


Awantha Dissanayake (Chair), Ashton Berry, Darren A. Fa (University of Gibraltar), Demetris Kletou, Periklis Kleitou (Marine & Environmental Research (MER) Lab, Republic of Cyprus), Graham Johnstone (Sovereign Base Area Authority (SBAA), Stephen Warr, Clive Crisp (Gibraltar Government)

Additional workshop attendees: Minna Raban (Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office)

Caribbean and Mid-Atlantic:

Drafting group: Peter A. Murray (Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism, co-chair), Keith E. Nichols (Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, co-chair), Adelle Thomas (Climate Analytics/University of Bahamas), Kathy Lockhart (Turks and Caicos Islands Government), Melissa O’Garro (Government of Montserrat), Croy McKoy, and Timothy J. Austin (Cayman Islands Government)

Additional workshop attendees: Ajhermae White (Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office), Stephen Mendes (Government of Montserrat) and Hannah Jallouli-White (FCDO)

Indian Ocean: 

Drafting group: Heather Koldewey (Zoological Society of London, Chair), Nadine Atchison-Balmond, Mark Spalding (British Indian Ocean Territory Administration), Nick Graham (Lancaster University), Rachel Jones (Zoological Society of London), Chris Perry (University of Exeter), Charles Sheppard (Bangor University / University of Warwick) John Turner and Gareth Williams (Bangor University)

Additional workshop attendees: Samuel Bullen (BIOTA), Peter Carr (University of Exeter/ZSL), David Curnick (ZSL), Rob Dunbar (Stanford University), Helen Ford (Bangor University), Graeme Hays (Deakin University), Malcolm Nicoll (ZSL), Chris Perry (University of Exeter), Brett Taylor (Australian Institute of Marine Science). 

Pacific Ocean: 

Drafting group: Johanna E. Johnson (Chair, C2O Pacific and James Cook University), Leo Dutra (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), Gillian Starling (MCC Environment and Sustainability), Patrick Lehodey, Simon Nicol (Pacific Community (SPC), David Loubser (Ecosystem Services).

Additional workshop attendees: Valerie Allain (SPC), Simeon Archer Rand (Cefas), Johann Bell (ANCORS) and Mark McGuiness (Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office).

Drafting group: Oliver T. Hogg (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences), Rachel D. Cavanagh, Susie Grant, Martin A. Collins (British Antarctic Survey, NERC), Mark Belchier, Susan Gregory (Government of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands).

Additional workshop attendees: Chris Darby (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences), David Barnes, Eugene Murphy, Phil Trathan, Simon Moreley and Richard Phillips (British Antarctic Survey, NERC), Sian Henley (Edinburgh University)

South Atlantic:

Drafting group: Rhys Hobbs (chair), Leeann Henry (St. Helena Government), Stephanie Martin, Trevor Glass (Tristan da Cunha Government), Tara Pelembe (South Atlantic Research Institute), Diane Baum (Ascension Island Government).

Additional workshop attendees: Andy Richardson (Ascension Government), Rebecca Cairns Wicks (St. Helena Government), Kedell Worboys (UKOTA), Jonathan Hall (RSPB International), Alexander Arkhipkin (Falklands Government).


We would also like to extend our thanks to all the regional experts who agreed to peer review the individual papers and online cards.