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The UK MCCIP work programme was established in 2005 to provide co-ordinated advice on marine climate change impacts, principally through the provision of periodic report cards. The current (Phase IV) work programme now provides rolling updates of the impacts evidence base, special topics on specific issues, and adaptation and mitigation ‘solutions’.


The impacts hub provides an independent, authoritative overview of UK marine and coastal climate change impacts. Twenty-six topics are covered under ‘Physical environment’, ‘Ecosystem change’ and ‘Societal impact’ themes. 

The underlying evidence is now updated on a ‘rolling’ basis, ensuring the detailed topic reports, and their ‘highlight’ pages provide the most up-to-date information. The topic highlight pages provide clear links between related topics, and to relevant MCCIP adaptation and mitigation outputs.

MCCIP commissions the contributing scientists and identifies appropriate specialists to peer-review the quality of the science, in accordance with the MCCIP Scientific Integrity and Independence (SIIRMs) model.

Special topics

In addition to the comprehensive ‘rolling updates’ of UK marine climate change science, MCCIP periodically produces Special Topic Reports which focus on a key issue in more detail.


MCCIP has successfully engaged with a range of end-user communities, including industry trade associations and conservation agencies to collectively assess risks, and identify solutions to marine climate change impacts in the UK.   

An increased focus on adaptation and mitigation is a key aim of the Phase IV business plan. This will principally be achieved through the development of co-funded marine climate smart activities, building on the previous collaborations with end users.


The MCCIP team would like to thank a number of individuals for providing images to use on this site.