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Key challenges and emerging issues

MCCIP has published a suite of outputs on ‘responding to key challenges in UK marine climate change’, building on the evidence presented in the latest MCCIP report card. They provide a snapshot of the key issues facing the UK marine climate change community and guidance on how to address them.

The steps taken in this process, which link through to the outputs are summarised below. An MCCIP paper, describing rationale, methods, outputs and conclusions for this work is provided here.

These outputs can help researchers and end users plan and deliver cross-cutting work programmes, inform UK marine and climate change strategies, and support policy needs.

108 individual key challenges and emerging issues were identified across the 26 topic reviews. The detailed descriptions of the 108 key challenges and emerging issues were collated and translated into short bullet points, both to inform later stages of this work and to summarise the key issues identified by the UK marine climate change community.
From the initial long list of key challenges and emerging issues, 3 challenge areas are identified (evidence, impacts and decision making) and summarised into short narratives. At a series of MCCIP workshops, a wide cross-section of researchers and end users were invited to review and update the narratives, and explore response options and priority actions.
Drawing on the long list of key challenges and emerging issues, short narratives, and response options, a set of MCCIP guiding principles have been developed to support action. Four guiding principles are identified, on integrated working, evidence gatering and use, communications and engagement and decisions and outcomes, illustrated with best practice examples.